SAFETY, SECURITY and ACCURACY is what matters most when handling your company's documents. Our business depends 100% on satisfied customers that will keep using our safe and secure services month after month. We are HIPAA certified and all of our services are done in one location, in-house, with our own professionally trained and certified staff.

We offer flat rate prices. No hidden fees on our scanning prices!

All Star Scanning and Shredding will safely handle ALL your document scanning, storing and shredding needs.


Using our proven system we carefully hand prepare and scan each page, sticky note, memo, business card, invoice, purchase order, contract, or prescription in black and white and color (color scanning is no extra charge). All Star Scanning and Shredding double checks for maximum legibility in order to provide the best quality scanning.

Having digitally scanned copies of your secure documents can protect you from thousands of dollars in losses, legal vulnerabilities, ensures easy access while traveling, frees up valuable office and storage space and provides a hard copy of all your files in case of fire, water damage, theft or hurricane destruction.

Our HIPAA Certified shredding service's goal is to make sure your paper documents, CDs, floppy disks and memos are never seen again using only the most modern shredding systems available today. Your documents are individually cut, cross cut and mixed with hundreds of pounds of other shredded documents. After total destruction, All Star Scanning and Shredding will issue a Certificate of Destruction for each box or container destroyed.

OCR Scanning
OCR is a process where an image file, such as a PDF or TIFF, is converted into a text-rich searchable document. This allows for manipulation of content and is often used by law firms, accountants, general office and archive facilities.

Document Scanning Service
Take advantage of immediate benefits, improved productivity and more efficient information management by using our high speed document conversion service. We will scan your documents, images, financial and real estate records, and other vital business information and convert them into digitized images, making them easily accessible via digital storage devices.

Ever thought about more office space and having immediate computer access to all your paper documents? Our confidential scanning service makes this simple and affordable.

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